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  • RFCs we love is a meetup for technical discussions around specifications and standards. It is inspired by the paperswelove community, but focuses on technical standards instead of research papers.

  • In the past we have met in (mostly) Bangalore and Kolkata, but these days we are fully online! 


Dec 2023

  • Introduction & Welcome - Kannan/Dhruv

  • The Role of Network Observability in Network Automation - Dinesh Dutt 

  • Understanding Network Digital Map - Qin Wu 

  • Highlights from IETF 118 


Feb 2023

  • Introduction & Welcome - Vishnu Pavan Beeram

  • The Computing-Aware Networking (CAN) problem, and a possible BGP-based solution - Adrian Farrel

  • Comparison of SDN’s Southbound Interface (SBI) protocols - Dhruv Dhody

  • IETF 115 roundup and prep for IETF 116 - Dhruv Dhody

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Sept 2022

  • Introduction & Welcome - Kannan / Dhruv

  • Intent - aware Interdomain Routing - Shraddha Hegde

  • MPLS Network Action (MNA) - Vishnu Pavan Beeram

  • IIESoc open discussion

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Feb 2022

  • Introduction

  • Vishnu Pavan Beeram - TEAS WG (Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling)

  • Shwetha Bhandari - 6lo WG (IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes)

  • Tirumaleswar Reddy.K - TEEP WG (Trusted Execution Environment Provisioning)

  • Dhruv Dhody - PCE WG (Path Computation Element)

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Oct 2021

  • Introduction: Nalini Elkins

  • PDMv2 Overview: Ameya Deshpande

  • Enterprise Topology and Requirements: Mike Ackermann

  • Cryptographic Considerations: Tommaso Pecorella and Adnan Rashid

  • PDMv2 Implementation Status: Abhishek Kumar

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May 2021

  • Introduction by Mohit / Dhruv

  • Setting the scene by Tirumaleswar Reddy

  • TLS fingerprinting by Blake Anderson

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Apr 2021

  • Introduction by Dhruv Dhody

  • Application-aware Networking (APN) by Shuping Peng, Huawei -- this talk will introduce this new work that was discussed at various WGs at IETF 110.

  • Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) by Sabine Randriamasy, Nokia -- this talk will introduce the past work and the new items being discussed as part of the WG recharter.

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Jan 2021

  • Introduction by Dhruv

  • Data Center Scaling by Tony Li

  • Integrated Network and Computing Resource for Datacenters by Nagendra Nainar

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Oct 2020

  • Software Updates for IoT (SUIT) by Brendan Moran

  • Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) TLS Profiles for IoT by Tirumaleswar Reddy

IIESoc presents September months edition

Sept 2020

  • Measuring the Internet using RIPE Atlas by Swapneel Patnekar

  • Measurements related work at IETF by Shwetha Bhandari

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Aug 2020

  • Seamless Segment Routing (SR) by Shraddha Hegde.

  • NeST: Network Stack Tester by Mohit P. Tahiliani

  • IETF's view of network slicing by Kiran Makhijani

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July 2020

  • Introduction to IETF & IETF participation from India by Michael Richardson and Vinayak Hegde

  • Tips for attending IETF 108 online by Dhruv Dhody

  • Panel discussion on “How to increase participation in IETF from India?

  • Moderator: Nalini Elkins

  • Panelist: Shwetha Bhandari, T Santosh, Shraddha Hegde, Tirumaleswar Reddy Konda, and Mohit P. Tahiliani


June 2020

  • DC Routing by Russ White

  • How India Censors the Web by Gurshabad Grover

  • Decreasing Access Time to DNS Root Servers by Running One on Loopback (RFC 7706) by Swapneel Patnekar

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May 2020

  • Discussion on the virtual IETF 107

  • History of AQM technologies by Fred Baker 

  • Minimizing suffering due to extra buffering: the PIE way by Mohit P. Tahiliani

  • Current state of DNS & Introduction to DoH by Swapneel Patnekar 

  • Web Payment APIs by Nemo

  • Feedback on organizing more virtual events


Feb 2020

  • Introduction, Highlights of Connections 2019 and IETF 106 by Dhruv Dhody

  • Micro-loop avoidance by Bharath 

  • On state of SZTP (Secure Zero Touch Provisioning) and enhancements by Katta Sambasiva Rao

  • Analytics model for Network Devices by Sri Ram Sankar & Harsha Lakshmikanth

  • Ongoing SR work in IETF by Ketan Talaulikar


June 2019

  • Routing Edition

  • Introductions by Dhruv

  • EVPN - Next generation VPN for Ethernet by Senthil Dhanraj

  • SRV6, SRV6 Plus, ISIS extensions for SRV6 Plus by Rajesh/Parag

  • Why Intent-based networking will change the way we manage networks by Daniel King


April 2019

  • Security Edition

  • DOTS (DDoS open threat signaling) by Tirumaleswar Reddy Konda

  • What's new with Wi-Fi Security aka WPA3 by Mohit Sethi

  • IKEv2 Optional SA&TS Payloads in Child Exchange by Sandeep Kampati

  • Automated TLS using Letsencrypt on a Kubernetes Cluster by Ashwin Murali

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March 2019

  • With IICB, Kolkata

  • RFCs We Love - Introduction, Dhruv Dhody

  • TLS 1.3 - Paradigm shift in encryption technology, Abhijit Singha

  • Use Cases and Problems – IETF PCE WG, Dhruv Dhody

  • Network Programming using SRv6, Debjyoti Laha

  • Innovative models – Mapping with IETF, Vinayak Hegde

  • CoAP-No Response Option, Abhijan Bhattacharyya

  • Vote of Thanks, Sushanta Sinha

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March 2019

  • Transport Edition

  • Welcome and Introduction by Dhruv

  • State of Multi-path Transports by Rahul

  • SNI encryption in TLS by Gurshabad

  • DNS over HTTPS ("DoH", RFC 8484) by Aniketh 

  • High performance networking with HTTP/2 and OkHttp by Siddharth


Jan 2019

  • SP & DC Edition

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • BGP routing in DC by Kannan

  • Multicast via BIER (Bit Index Explicit Replication) by Senthil

  • Traffic engineering in WAN Networks by Shraddha


Sept 2018

  • IoT & Security Edition

  • IoT and IETF by Rahul

  • DNS and TLS in IoT Environments by Balaji Rajendran

  • IoT security by Dr. A. Paventhan

  • Challenges in building IoT systems for cars and cycles by Vinayak

  • F-Interop by Adrash B U

  • Monitoring and application of In-situ OAM by Swetha Bandari & Srijith

  • Connections 2018 by Dhruv


May 2018

  • IoT Edition

  • State of compression in IoT by Rahul

  • Internet of Things Mesh Networks by Rabi Narayan Sahoo

  • IoT protocols in moving Vehicles by Vinayak

  • Update from IETF 101 by Dhruv


Oct 2017

  • RFC2104: HMAC: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication by Nemo

  • RFC7252: The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) by Anmol Sarma


Sept 2017

  • Introduction to IIESoc by Dhruv Dhody

  • RFC6455: The WebSocket Protocol by Vipul Mathur

  • RFC6202: Best Practices for the Use of Long Polling and Streaming in Bidirectional HTTP by Vipul Mathur

  • Updates from IETF 99 by Vinayak Hegde

  • Discussion on Connections - Pre-IETF Event by Dhruv Dhody


Early ones..

  • April 2017 - SFC 

  • Feb 2017 - HPACK, System Name

  • Jan 2017 - UTF8, TOTP 

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