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RFCs We Love: Jan 2021 (DC edition)

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The 2021's first RFCsWeLove meetup was planned for Saturday, Jan 30th with a focus on Data Centers Technologies. This was our 20th meetup and the 7th fully virtual one.

We had a great set of topics with excellent speakers for you who brought in-depth knowledge in the field.


Data Center Scaling via Supernode Architecture

Service Provider routers have been traditionally architected with the ’scale-up’ approach, leading to expensive, complex routers and architectures. The alternative is to take

the ’scale-out’ approach that has been so successful with Data Center networks. The result is a Supernode, an open, standards-based approach to scaling network architecture.

We will look at two RFCs in the making that are fundamental to the Supernode architecture.


Tony Li has been a pioneer in Internet routing for 30 years, helping to scale the Internet architecture. He led the initial deployment of BGP and CIDR, ensuring that the Internet could

pivot to efficient routing and addressing architecture, led development of core router projects at Cisco, Juniper, and Procket, and has continually innovated in routing architecture,

delivering BGP4, Traffic Engineering, Dynamic Flooding, and Area Proxy. Tony has been past co-chair of the CIDR Deployment, Mobile IP, and IS-IS IETF working groups and the IRTF Routing Research Group.

Integrated Network and Computing Resource for Datacenters

Virtualization is one of the transformational technologies that the industry witnessed in the last couple of decades. The advancement of virtualization technology not only quantum leaped the server and compute industry but also started reaping inundated benefits in the networking arena by decoupling the network functions from the underlying hardware. In order to accommodate the rising demands to host various network applications and functions directly on the network nodes, many vendors made architectural enhancements by leveraging virtualization to support 3rd party application hosting in an isolated eco-system within the device itself.

In this session, we will discuss how the integrated network and computing resources available in the Datacenter switches along with the programming and OAM technologies developed in the IETF can do wonders in terms of simplified network operations in a resource-efficient manner.


Nagendra Kumar Nainar is a Principal Engineer with Cisco Customer Experience(CX) Organization (Formerly TAC), focusing on Enterprise business vertical. He is the co-inventor of more than 100 patent applications in different technologies including Virtualization/Container technologies. He is the co-author of multiple Internet RFCs, various internet drafts, and IEEE papers. Nagendra co-authored two technical books in the field of networking. He is a guest lecturer at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and a speaker in different network forums.


Find details about the previous meetup here.

Stay Safe Folks!


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