IPv6 Deployment at Enterprises

IPv6 adoption at large, brick-and-mortar enterprises has lagged. Many feel that unless this issue is addressed, the Internet as a whole will stall at an IPv6 adoption rate of about 60%. There are many subsidiaries of large corporations in India. Such organizations primarily use IPv4 addresses. For example, one of the largest mobile providers in India, whose backbone is IPv6, has had to purchase IPv4 addresses on the open market simply to support these corporations. The decision to move to IPv6 is made at the headquarters of these companies - which is often in the United States. The US federal government has recently announced a direction for IPv6-only for the US government. 

ISIF Asia has generously provided a grant for this project to IIESoc to work collaboratively with INTC to address the issue of IPv6 adoption at large brick-and-mortar enterprises in the APAC region. 

Join us!

We will keep you updated with details about IPv6 Webinars and  next steps towards increasing IPv6 deployment in Enterprises in the APAC region.

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