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  • By Dhruv Dhody

RFCs We Love: IoT Edition

The sixth meetup of RFCs we love was held at Zoomcar in Domlur on 19th May 2018. It was a great Saturday morning discussions on IoT related topics from IoT practitioners, IoT developers, students and IETF enthusiasts. We had the usual regulars as well a some new faces with a great discussions on Compression in IoT protocols, Mesh networking and the deployment considerations with real IoT protocols at Zoomcar. There was also an existing demonstration on how the Zoomcar's rental bike system uses IoT protocols.

Rahul Arvind Jadhav from Huawei kicked off by discussing the various protocol compression techniques in IoT protocols. The work of various RFCs, such as RFC 6282, RFC 6775, RFC 8138 was discussed. Various IPv6 compression schemes and there applicability to IoT networks was discussed The slide is available here. The video is available here and here in 2 parts.

Further, Rabi narayan Sahoo, also from Huawei followed with the Internet of Things Mesh Networks with discussion on the related RFCs - RFC 6550, RFC 3561 as well the internet draft - draft-ietf-roll-efficient-npdao. Rabi touched upon the various IoT deployments and the applicability of Mesh networks. He further described the routing protocol RPL in detail. The slide is available here and the video is here.

The last topic was the IoT protocols in moving Vehicles by Vinayak from Zoomcar. This interesting talk based on practical deployment scenarios of zoomcar touched on various challenges faced by "moving" things on the IoT protocols. This talk was followed by interesting demo by Zoomcar engineers for the cycles. The slide is available here and the video is here.

Finally I talked by the various updates from IETF 101.

Find details about previous meetup here.

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