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IPv6 Webinars Phase III

Extension Headers-PDM results

May 04, 2023

8:30 PM IST

Balajinaidu V., Chinmaya Sharma, Amogh Umesh and Anirudh Munnur Achal

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The goal of this session is to understand the state of the art in Extension Header testing and support in the Internet. Using PDM we conduct measurement experiments in different scenarios in the internet such as how various CDNs support Extension Headers. 

As part of our ongoing collaboration with academia in India, NITK Surathkal students Balajinaidu V., Chinmaya Sharma, Amogh Umesh and Anirudh Munnur Achal shall also be presenting their experiments with eBPF and EH Testing.

The webinar series will be composed of 6 more sessions of one hour:

  1. Extension Headers-PDM results: May 4

  2. VPNs: June 1

  3. Extension Headers testing in Cloud: July 6

  4. Enhancements for Neighbour Discovery: August 24

  5. TBD: September 28

  6. IPv6 + CDN: November 30

Segment Routing in IPv6 (SRv6)

Mar 09, 2023

9:30 PM IST

Darren Dukes and

Dhruv Dhody

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Segment Routing (SR) architecture seeks to forward data packets on a network based on source routes as encoded in the data packet itself. This session will introduce the basic concepts of segment routing and then go in details of SRv6 (Segment Routing over IPv6 dataplane) technology. Find out about the IPv6 extension header and the potential of the SRv6 network programming concept that provides the ability to code directly into each packet header where the packet needs to be sent and how it should be treated.

Darren Dukes is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems where he designs and build solutions across Cisco’s routing and switching platforms. His current focus is on Segment Routing (SRv6 and SR MPLS) software and their implementation, as well as building the next generation of routing and switching software stacks for Cisco’s enterprise networking portfolio. He’s active within the IETF, most recently concentrating on the SRv6 RFC8754, and SRv6 compression. In his 25+ year career, Darren has built solutions at all levels of the routing stack from drivers to forwarding and control plane, focusing on creating simple solutions in complex problem spaces.

Dhruv Dhody has been working in the networking domain for the last 20 years with Huawei Technologies. Their current designation is Chief Architect - Standards. Over the years they have worked on MPLS VPNs, OSPF, NTP, ALTO, CSPF, etc for Huawei's Routing Platform (VRP). They are currently working on research & standards for various emerging technologies such as Path Computation Element (PCE), Segment Routing (SR), and network slicing.

They have been an active IETF contributor since 2010 in Path Computation and Traffic Engineering with 33 RFCs as the main author or contributor. They have filed 21 patents. They have been selected to serve on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).They are also serving as the PCE WG and EO-DIR co-chair at IETF as well as a part of the Routing Directorate and Operations directorate. They are currently Secretary of the Industry Network Technology Council (INTC). They are a founding member and on the advisory board of the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc) and ISOC Hyderabad Chapter.

Dhruv was awarded the Technical role model award by Zinnov and was recognized as a Technology stalwart in India.

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