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  • By Dhruv Dhody

RFCs We Love: Routing Edition

Our June RFCsWeLove (the 12th iteration) was held on the weekend in Bangalore at Zoomcar on 22nd June 2019. The meetup was focused on Routing aspects (primarily) and we had a very good mix of speakers and topics for this session.

RFCsWeLove Agenda:

  • Introductions by Dhruv, IIESoc

  • EVPN - Next generation VPN for Ethernet by Senthil Dhanraj, Huawei

  • SRV6, SRV6 Plus, ISIS extensions for SRV6 Plus by Rajesh/Parag, Juniper

  • Why Intent-based networking will change the way we manage networks by Daniel King, University of Lancaster (remote)

Dhruv kicked off the session by providing a quick introduction to IIESoc and RFCWeLove. We had around 35 folks at the meetup with multiple first timers as well as folks participating and presenting remotely this time. A quick round of introduction was done and it was good to see participation from a diverse set including Nokia, Juniper, Ericsson, Huawei, Cisco, IPInfusion, VMware, Zoomcar, VuNet, etc.

Senthil kicked off with a great presentation on EVPN, first explaining the move towards EVPN (from VPLS) as well as providing future work being done in terms of EVPN. Senthil skillfully answered many questions related to this technology.

Rajesh kicked off the SRv6 presentation with basic of SR & SRv6 and then moved to ways to compress the SRv6 header (called compressed SRH or SRv6+). Further Parag talked about the way to extend ISIS to support this. The discussion was lively with many folks discussing the right approach and this discussion will continue on in IETF 105 next month.

Intent networking has been all the buzz lately, so it was timely for Daniel King to present his work related to Intent Networks and tie it up with various work being done in IRTF and IETF as well as to include history of the past work. This is indeed a very complex and difficult task ahead (but much needed) and this fact was not lost on the group.

Thanks to our speakers as well everyone who took time to come out on a Saturday!

Find details about previous meetup here.

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