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  • By Dhruv Dhody

RFCs We Love: Transport & Apps Edition

The 2nd meetup of RFCs we love in 2019 was held at Go-Jek in Domlur on 2nd March 2019 in partnetship with Bangalore Mobile performance group. It was a great Saturday morning discussions on Transport and Applications are topics from experts in the field. We had the usual regulars as well a some new faces with a great discussions on Multipath Transports, SNI encryptions, DoH etc.

Dhruv kicked off the day with welcoming the attendees and introducing the work done by IIESoc, RFCsWeLove etc.

Rahul Jadhav (Huawei) talked about the state of multi-path transports with details on MPTCP and MPAPP Bar-Bof proposal. [Slides] [Video]

Next, we had Gurshabad Grover from CIS who took a deep dive into the SNI encryption aspects of TLS, first describing the problem and the set of solutions around it. [Slides] [Video]

We had Aniketh Gireesh, who is a student of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and came down to Bangalore for this meetup. His interesting talk was about DoH - DNS over HTTPS. [Slides] [Video]

The final talk of the event was on High performance networking with HTTP/2 and OkHttp was by Siddharth Mathur of Fastah. This included a very interesting OkHttp3 demo as well. [Slides] [Video]

Find details about previous meetup here.

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