IIESoc (India Internet Engineering Society) is a non-profit entity that brings together different stakeholders from the computer networking community across industry, academia, service providers and government. It exists to further the adoption of IETF standards and increase awareness & participation in the IETF process.

Governing Council Members

  • Vinayak Hegde, President (Microsoft)

  • Dhruv Dhody, Secretary (PCE WG Chair, Huawei)

  • Anupam Agarwal, Vice-President (TCS, ISOC Kolkata)

  • Bharat Joshi, Treasurer (Founder at Vu-Net Systems)

  • Harish Chowdhary (NIXI)

  • Abhijan Bhattacharyya (TCS Research)

  • Sudhin Jacob (Juniper)

  • Anand Raje (Founder at Basistech)

  • Shree Joshi (Nokia)

Advisory Board Members

  • Suresh Krishnan (Internet AD at IETF, Kaloom)

  • Nalini Elkins (President, EDCO, CEO, Inside the Stack)


  • To further the adoption of Internet standards in India

  • To increase participation in IETF standards activities

  • To conduct capacity building programs in the Indian networking community.

  • The society will provide technical inputs in the policy area.

  • To provide a forum for computer networking professionals, academicians, researchers, network operators and programmers to discuss technical issues in an Indian context

  • To mentor people to take on IETF leadership positions

  • Be the nodal agency for organising IETF in India

India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc)

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