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RFCs We Love: Feb 2022 (WG chairs edition)

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

RFCsWeLove is a meetup organized by the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc). The last RFCsWeLove meetup was on 5th Feb 2022 (Saturday) with a focus on hearing directly from the four WG co-chairs based in India.

Each of the IETF WG co-chairs provided an introduction to their WG, discussed the key problem areas the WGs are focusing on, some hot topics in the WG, and provided ideas for how to start contributing to their WGs. The chairs bring diverse and long history with IETF and shared their experience and provided tips for participation at IETF.

The agenda for the session was -

Vishnu Pavan Beeram is a regular contributor at the IETF and currently serves as a co-chair of the IETF’s TEAS Working Group. He has about 20+ years of Software Development experience working on a variety of switching and routing platforms. He is an integral part of Juniper’s Routing Protocols Development team and his current focus is on customer-focused innovations, telemetry/analytics, and optimization in the MPLS Traffic-Engineering space. Prior to joining Juniper Networks in 2012, he spent about 7.5 years developing control plane solutions in the optical domain for ADVA Optical Networking. Prior to that, he was with AVICI systems for about 4.5 years developing various MPLS-TE features. Prior to that, he had stints doing maintenance work at Lucent/Ascend and 3COM.

He has a Master’s in Engineering Management from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University.

Shwetha Bhandari is a Principal Engineer at ThoughtSpot securing the application and cloud infrastructure. She has been an active contributor to IETF since 2008. She currently co-authors Insitu OAM related work, Attestation related work in the RATS workgroup at IETF, and chairs 6lo WG.

She serves on the IETF Ops and IOT directorate.

Tirumaleswar Reddy is a Principal Lead Engineer at Akamai. He has expertise in network and IoT/endpoint security, architecting, and developing security products and solutions. He has a proven track record of developing security and privacy standards for the Internet. He is currently chair of the TEEP WG and a member of the “security area” review team at IETF. He has co-authored 22 RFCs and is an active contributor in several working groups. He has 55 patents approved and 60 patents filed in the USPTO. His recent work and interests include IoT Security, Service Function Chaining, DDoS mitigation, Network traffic analysis, and Encrypted DNS.

Dhruv Dhody Dhruv has been working in the networking domain for the last 18 years with Huawei Technologies. His current designation is Chief Architect – Standards for Data Communications Business in India. Over the years he has worked on MPLS VPNs, OSPF, NTP, ALTO, CSPF, etc for Huawei’s Routing Platform. He is currently working on research & standards for various emerging technologies such as PCE, Segment Routing (SR), and network slicing. He is an active IETF contributor in the area of Path Computation and Traffic Engineering with 32 RFCs as the main author or contributor. He has filled 21 patents. He is also serving as the PCE WG co-chair at IETF. He is also part of the Routing Directorate and sergeant-at-arms for the IETF mailing list. He is also a founding member and secretary for the Industry Network Technology Council (INTC) as well as president of IIESoc.

Dhruv was awarded the Technical role model award by Zinnov and recognized as a Technology stalwart in India.


Find details about the previous meetup here.

Stay Safe Folks!


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