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  • By Dhruv Dhody

RFCs We Love: With IICB in Kolkata

Our first RFCsWeLove outside of Bangalore was held in Kolkata in collaboration with IICB. India IETF Capacity Building is a project conceived by ISOC Kolkata Chapter and approved by DeitY, Government of India. The meetup was help in TCS on 16th March 2019.

We had a full day of event that included the activities of IICB in the first half and technical presentations as part of RFCsWeLove in the second half.


  • Welcome Remarks by Anupam Agrawal, Chair – ISOC Kolkata

  • Indian IETF Capacity Building – Till Now & Plans Ahead, Anand Raje, Vice Chair ISOC Kolkata

  • Research in Kolkata and collaboration with IETF, Prof. Chandan Mazumdar, HOD, CS, Jadavpur University

  • How India Matters for IETF, Nalini Elkins, CEO, Inside Stack

  • Role of SDOs & Delivery of Digital Services Standards, Dr. Sundeep Oberoi, Chair – ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 – Software & Systems Engineering

  • Internet Research Labs – Updates, Prof. Indrajit De MCKV & Students


  • RFCs We Love - Introduction, Dhruv Dhody, Secretary, IIESoc

  • TLS 1.3 - Paradigm shift in encryption technology, Abhijit Singha, Principal QA Engineer, Keysight Technologies

  • Use Cases and Problems – IETF PCE WG, Dhruv Dhody, PCE WG Chair - IETF

  • Network Programming using SRv6, Debjyoti Laha, Director-Engineering, Keysight Technologies

  • Innovative models – Mapping with IETF, Vinayak Hegde, CTO Zoomcar

  • CoAP-No Response Option, Abhijan Bhattacharyya, Scientist – TCS Ltd.

  • Vote of Thanks, Sushanta Sinha, VP- ISOC Kolkata

Anupam kicked off the day by welcoming everyone, followed by a look-back of journey of IICB and IETF participation by Anand. Next, Prof. Chandan Mazumdar talked about the ecosystem of research and collaboration in Kolkata. Nalini gave an impassioned talk on why Indian engineers, Indian companies, Indian academia needs to be involved more with IETF and how it could be a win-win bargain. Dr. Sundeep Oberoi talked about the role of standards and finally Prof. Indrajit De gave an update on Internet Research Lab (IRL).

Dhruv kicked off the 2nd half with an introduction to IIESoc and RFCsWeLove. Next we had interesting talk on TLS1.3 by Abhijit Singha of Keysight technologies. Dhruv as a PCE co-chair introduced the journey of PCE and opportunities ahead. Debjyoti Laha further talked about the latest in SRv6 (Segment Routing on IPv6 dataplane). Vinayak described how the Zoomcar consumes the various IETF standards and the unique problems they face. Abhijan gave a presentation on his first RFC on CoAP-No Response Option. Sushanta Sinha closed the event.

It was great to see soo much passion for this in Kolkata and hope we replicate this in many more Indian cities.

Find details about previous meetup here.

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