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  • By Adarsh BU

IoT and Security by RFCs We Love

I would like to start by thanking the organizers, speakers and all my dear participants for making the RFCs We Love successful with lots of love and the vast amount of knowledge shared.

The RFCs we Love as we all know was started with a vision to provide a forum to discuss and share Internet standardizations for computer networking professionals, academicians, researchers, network operators and programmers.

The successful seventh event was organized on the 22nd September 2018 in collaboration with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT). Here, I would like to thank Dr. Shobha KR on behalf of RFCs We Love for all her support in conducting the event and Ms.Praneet for all her help in organizing. For the very first time, we reached a total strength of 110 participants.

It was also the first time that a full day event with a list of eight core speakers was planned. The event was open to all industrial professionals, researchers, faculty members, students, policy makers and the public.

The event began beautifully with the Gayatri mantra and a welcome speech followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamps by the chief guests.

As the first speaker, Mr. Rahul Jadhav started the session with wonderful introduction to the emergence of new connectivity protocols for IoT and working groups of IETF for IoT. He provided a brief but quite a comprehensive idea about most of the working groups of IETF. The second speaker Dr. Balaji Rajendran, spoke in detail about DNS, TLS, DNSSEC, challenges in IoT environment and suitable solutions for the same. Our third speaker was Dr. A.Paventhan. He spoke about “Security Challenges & Solutions: Relevant IETF RFCs/drafts”. The session provided knowledge about security motivation, challenges and approaches for IoT security.

As the last speaker for the first half of the programme, Mr. Vinayak Hegde took to the stage. His session was very interesting as it carried knowledge on practical experience for the audience. He spoke about building IoT systems for cars and bicycles. He covered many areas including OBD data, GPS coordinates, immobilisation, keyless entry, etc. As a surprise for everyone, Mr. Hegde had arranged for PEDL cycles which was a wonderful experience for the audience, since it was a real product demonstration.

The second half of the session was started with my talk (Adarsh B U) based on F-Interop, a platform which enables remote inter-operability and conformance testing of networking standards. The next topic was presented by Ms. Swetha Bandari and Mr. Srijith. The session was very interactive and involved sharing knowledge on Next-gen Network Telemetry is Within Your Packets: In-band OAM and Co-iOAM : In-situ Telemetry Metadata Transport for Resource Constrained Networks within IETF Standards Framework. Mr. SVR Anand also shared his knowledge and his inputs with the audience. The last but not the least, our always supportive Mr. Dhruv Dhody, presented the main mission and the visions of IIESoc and RFCs We Love. He explained in detail about the success of the CONNECTIONS-2017 event and provided the audience with very helpful information about the upcoming Connections-2018 event on October 31st,2018 and November 1st, 2018. The event will consist of multiple technology tracks like IoT, IPv6, SDN & Network operations and Deployment. The tickets are availaible.

The event was made successful by the audience consisting of industry fellows, researchers, masters and bachelors degree students. The sessions were inspiring and informative. It was a great experience to be a coordinator and a speaker at the event.

“Learning will comes from contribution”. -- Adarsh BU


Photos here

Slides here.

The IoT and Security will further be the key focus on the Connections 2018 as well with international speakers - Michael Richardson, Mohit Sethi, Eliot Lear and Abhijan Bhattacharyya. See speakers and abstract.


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