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RFCs We Love: Sept 2020

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The September month's RFCsWeLove meetup was on the 18th of Sept 2020 (Friday) with a focus on internet measurements. This was our 18th meetup and the 5th fully virtual one.

We had a great set of topics with excellent speakers for you who brings in-depth knowledge in the field.


Measuring the Internet using RIPE Atlas

RIPE Atlas is the RIPE NCC’s main Internet data collection system. It is a global network of devices, called probes and anchors, that actively measure Internet connectivity. Anyone can access this data via Internet traffic maps, streaming data visualizations, and an API. RIPE Atlas users can also perform customized measurements to gain valuable data about their own networks.

1. What is the RIPE Atlas project ? 2. Use Cases 3. Using RIPE Atlas as a Visitor 4. Creating a Measurement 5. Using RIPE Atlas CLI 6. Host a RIPE Atlas software probe in your network 


Swapneel Patnekar is network engineer & researcher working in networking(DNS, DNSSEC, BGP), Unix systems and security. As a technical trainer, he regularly conducts workshops on DNS, DNSSEC, Routing, Unix etc.  He is also an APNIC Community Trainer & a RIPE Atlas Ambassador. He is also the Managing Director of Shreshta IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a company based out of Belgaum, building & securing networks of micro, small & medium enterprises & network operators in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

Measurements related work at IETF

This talk would provide an overview of all the measurement related work in IETF including but not limited to IPPM and MAPRG.


Shwetha is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Securing routers built for Service providers. She has been an active contributor to IETF since 2008. She curr

ently co-authors Insitu OAM related work at IETF and chairs 6lo wg. She serves on the IETF Ops and the IOT directorate.


Find details about previous meetup here.

Stay Safe Folks!


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