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RFCs We Love: Aug 2020

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

The August month's RFCsWeLove meetup was on the 28th of Aug 2020 (Friday) with a focus on some of the key presentations from the last IETF 108 online meeting held on 27-31 July 2020. This was our 17th meetup and the 4th fully virtual one.

We had a great set of speakers from India and diaspora to deep dive into some of the presentations from the recent IETF 108.


  • Seamless Segment Routing (SR) by Shraddha Hegde [Slide].

  • NeST: Network Stack Tester by Mohit P. Tahiliani [Slide]

  • IETF's view of network slicing by Kiran Makhijani [Slide]

Seamless SR:

In order to operate networks with large numbers of devices, network operators organize networks into multiple smaller network domains. Each network domain typically runs an IGP which has complete visibility within its own domain, but limited visibility outside of its domain.  Seamless Segment Routing (Seamless SR) provides flexible, scalable and reliable end-to-end connectivity for services across independent network domains.  Seamless SR accommodates domains using SR, LDP, and RSVP for MPLS label distribution as well as domains running IP without MPLS (IP-Fabric).


Shraddha Hegde has  20 years of experience in Networking Domain  in the area of IGP, FRR, Segment Routing, MPLS and IP Security. She has vast experience in building and deploying highly scalable data-communications platforms. She is working for Juniper Networks as a Principle Engineer and responsible for IGPs and Segment Routing Technology. She is an active IETF contributor and has 4 RFCs and several Internet drafts.

NeST: Network Stack Tester

Linux network namespaces are a cost-effective and scalable alternative to physical systems for the design and experimental evaluation of network protocols. However, manually setting up testbeds using network namespaces can be quite cumbersome and error-prone. This talk will introduce Network Stack Tester (NeST), an open source Python package that simplifies the process of performing networking experiments by using Linux network namespaces. It provides easy-to-use APIs to build a virtual network topology, run experiments and collect statistics in different data/graphical formats. The experiments with NeST are easy to reproduce because it is a wrapper around the existing tools and does not introduce new system dependencies. NeST paper presented at 5th ACM, IRTF & ISOC Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW): NeST source code:


Mohit is a faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at NITK Surathkal, Mangalore, India. He is a Member of the Steering Committee of ns-3 network simulator, and is a co-mentor of TCP and traffic-control modules in ns-3. He works on TCP optimisations, Linux queue disciplines and Wi-Fi rate adaptation.

IETF's view of network slicing

Network slices continue to remain an interesting topic yet there is little common understanding of the concept. A smaller piece of network slice puzzle known as ‘transport slice’ is reaching a reasonable level of maturity in IETF and aims to identify slice specific functionality in IP/MPLS networks. This session will talk about the progress work done on transport slice taxonomy, their relationship with the broader concept of end to end network slices and means of realizing them.


Kiran Makhijani has almost twenty years' experience in development of network platform software and design of network protocols. Kiran has been contributing to standards & research communities such as ETSI, ITU, IEEE, and ACM organizations. More recently, she led the development of Network 2030 vision at ITU-T. As a Research Principal, her topics of interest include future network architectures, design of cloud scale routing protocols, backhaul network efficiency, and service performance.  Prior to joining Futurewei, Ms Makhijani worked with Cisco and has led a broad array of industry projects in the forwarding and routing systems, designed scalable and reliable routing platform, policy-based routing and virtual network architectures.



Find details about previous meetup here.

Stay Safe Folks!

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1 Comment

Kota Hemanth
Kota Hemanth
Aug 29, 2020

Network slicing slides link is same as NeST (Network Tester). Can you upload network slicing slides?

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