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  • By Dhruv Dhody

RFCs We Love: SP & DC Edition

The 1st meetup of RFCs we love in 2019 was held at The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) in Domlur on 19th Jan 2019. It was a great Saturday morning discussions on service provider and data center networks topics from experts in the field. We had the usual regulars as well a some new faces with a great discussions on BGP in Datacenters, Advancements in Multicast with BIER and Flex-Algo based TE. There was also an scrumptious south indian lunch, all thanks to our host - CIS.

All the talks had a spirited Q&A from folks which led to a active and fun edition of RFCsWeLove.

The next meetup in Feb is planned around transport and application area. [Details]

Find details about previous meetup here.

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