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  • By Dhruv Dhody

RFCs We Love: SP & DC Edition

The 1st meetup of RFCs we love in 2019 was held at The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) in Domlur on 19th Jan 2019. It was a great Saturday morning discussions on service provider and data center networks topics from experts in the field. We had the usual regulars as well a some new faces with a great discussions on BGP in Datacenters, Advancements in Multicast with BIER and Flex-Algo based TE. There was also an scrumptious south indian lunch, all thanks to our host - CIS.

Kannan from Cisco kicked the event off with discripotion of Clos, Fat tree and other data center network topologies and hoe BGP could be used for DC routing with focus on RFC7938 and ending with details about LSVR. [Slides]

Next we had Senthil from Huawei introduce the latest multicast technology of BIER. His talk started with basics of multicast (PIM, MVPN) and then details of BIER. [Slides]

Finally it was Shraddha from Juniper who described the journey of TE with focus on SR and Flex Algo. [Slides]

All the talks had a spirited Q&A from folks which led to a active and fun edition of RFCsWeLove.

The next meetup in Feb is planned around transport and application area. [Details]

Find details about previous meetup here.

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