• By Vinayak Hegde

Welcome Council of Information Security as IIESoc partner

IIESoc would like to welcome our first partner in our mission to increase awareness of IETF standards and participation in IETF. CIS is sponsoring the IIESOC informal dinner for Indian IETF participants. We had written about it previous editions recently

Council of Info Security(CIS) is a Not for Profit organization. CIS is raised to feed the need of secure digital India. The Head Quarter of the organization is located in New Delhi, India. The branches and research facilities of CIS are spread across the states with incubation centres in various colleges and universities. The organization was raised against the back-drop of governments resolve of building Indigenous capability to protect the sovereignty of own cyberspace, its information infrastructure and saftey of citizens. We support the governments process to build a trusted cyber eco-system for efficient & safe trade and commerce related activities and also a safe inter-networked society.

It was built with a vision to assist and integrate the government, the Industry and the Academia to create a safe, resilient and robust cyber ecosystem by Regional and International collaborations.

The domains it are mandated to work in five domains as under

  • The political domain: work on security issues, fighting against cyber-terrorism and crime via awareness campaigns, joint work groups and recommendations to government

  • The military domain: work on information sharing, training and awareness campaigns.

  • The economic domain: Teaching and propagating cyber economy best practices, public-private partnerships facilitated by fighting against cybercrime and protecting critical infrastructure.

  • The technical domain: work with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) on National outreach measures for capacity building in cyber security. Work with internet Engineering Task Force(IETF) and Interner Society(ISOC) as a whole to participate in technical process of Internet governance.

  • The public domain: and raising the technical threshold of citizens to prevent cybercrime, teach the citizens to use the e-governance resources, e-learning tools and be part of cyber economy. Work with Interner Society(ISOC) to participate in administrative process of Internet governance.


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