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RFCs We Love: Feb 2023

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

RFCsWeLove is an online meetup organized by the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc). The last RFCsWeLove meetup was on the 24th Feb 2023 (Friday).

Date: 24 Feb 2023, Friday

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The agenda for the session was -

  • Introduction & Welcome - Vishnu Pavan Beeram

  • The Computing-Aware Networking (CAN) problem, and a possible BGP-based solution - Adrian Farrel [Slide]

  • Comparison of SDN’s Southbound Interface (SBI) protocols - Dhruv Dhody [Slide]

  • IETF 115 roundup and prep for IETF 116 - Dhruv Dhody [Slide]

The Computing-Aware Networking (CAN) problem, and a possible BGP-based solution

Service Function Chaining (SFC) is a “solved problem” in the IETF. An architecture was set out in RFC 7665, and an overlay encapsulation using the Network Service Header (NSH) is specified in RFC 8300. There is a BGP-based control plane described in RFC 9015, and there are even MPLS and SRv6 encapsulations documented.

However, a new challenge is emerging from service provider requirements: Computing-Aware Networking. In this use case, an edge node needs to direct a flow of packets (a transaction) to a server hosted by the network operator within the network to perform some operation that is typically compute-intensive. The choice of server depends on the network conditions (for latency, etc.) and the server status (load and capabilities, etc.). This topic is gaining considerable interest within the IETF’s Routing Area and may soon lead to the formation of a new working group. A number of technical challenges present themselves, and various solutions are being discussed including one based on the BGP work described in RFC 9015.

Adrian Farrel has been at the forefront of technology innovation in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for nearly 25 years and has co-authored more than 85 RFCs specifying Internet technology. He has co-chaired six different working groups in the Routing, Operations, and Security Areas, served as one of two IETF Routing Area Directors for a six year period, and is currently the Technical Advisor to the TEAS (traffic engineering) working group. He also held the position of Independent Submissions RFC Editor for a four year term.

Adrian has written, edited, or contributed to nine books on Internet technologies, and has also authored four volumes of fairy stories for adults of all ages. He runs a successful consulting company, Old Dog Consulting, specializing in Internet protocols, SDN, NFV, and routing innovation.

Comparison of SDN’s Southbound Interface (SBI) protocols

This presentation will go over the popular SDN SBI protocol choices (BGP, PCEP, YANG-based NETCONF/RESTCONF) and compare them on various factors. Further, the presentations also cover some key existing and emerging use cases and analyze each of them for the SBI protocol choice.

IETF 115 roundup and prep for IETF 116

This session will bring to notice various developments and activities happening at IETF that would be of interest to the community.

Dhruv Dhody has been working in the networking domain for the last 19.5 years with Huawei Technologies. Their current designation is Chief Architect - Standards. Over the years they have worked on MPLS VPNs, OSPF, NTP, ALTO, CSPF, etc for Huawei's Routing Platform (VRP). They are currently working on research & standards for various emerging technologies such as Path Computation Element (PCE), Segment Routing (SR), and network slicing.

They have been an active IETF contributor since 2010 in Path Computation and Traffic Engineering with 37 RFCs as the main author or contributor. They have filled 21 patents. They are also serving as the PCE WG and EO-DIR co-chair at IETF as well as a part of the Routing & Ops Directorates and the moderator team for the IETF mailing list. They are current Secretary of the Industry Network Technology Council (INTC). They are a founding member and on the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc) advisory board and ISOC Hyderabad Chapter. They have also been selected to serve on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

Dhruv was awarded the Technical role model award by Zinnov and was recognized as a Technology stalwart in India.


Find details about the previous meetup here.

Stay Safe Folks!


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