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New IIESoc Board Members

We would like to welcome two new board members - Priyanka Sinha and Vishnu Pavan Beeram after the completion of the election cycle. We would like to thank all the candidates, nominations, and everyone who voted.

Here are the details of our new board members -

Priyanka Sinha is IoT Analytics lead at Zenatix Solutions. She worked

at Redback Networks on the SmartEdge 800, Itaas on interactive TV, and

TCS Research on social IoT. She earned a CSE BTech from IIT Guwahati

in 2004, an MS in Computer Engineering from Auburn University in 2007,

and a CSE PhD from IIT Kharagpur in 2022. At Auburn she was a Vodafone

fellow focussing on autoconfiguration in multi hop mobile adhoc


Vishnu Pavan Beeram is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. He is a regular contributor at the IETF and has been serving as a co-chair of the IETF’s TEAS Working Group since early 2015. He has 20+ years of Software Development experience working on a variety of switching and routing platforms. As part of Juniper’s Routing Protocols Development team, his primary focus is on analytics, containerized applications and innovations in the IP/MPLS Traffic Engineering space. Prior to joining Juniper Networks in 2012, he spent about 7.5 years developing control plane solutions in the optical domain for ADVA Optical Networking. Before that, he was with AVICI systems for about 4.5 years developing various MPLS-TE features. In his early career, he did software maintenance work for Lucent/Ascend and 3COM.

He has a Master’s in Engineering Management from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University.

You can find all the board and advisory board members at this LINK.

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