• By Vinayak Hegde

Indian Dinner at IETF

The number of Indian contributors at IETF meetings has been steadily increasing since 2013. There have also been sporadic meetings with IETF contributors from the Indian Diaspora. Since the 94 IETF meeting in Yokohama there has been an informal dinner meeting every Wednesday night in the IETF meeting week. There was such a meeting in Buenos Aires in the following IETF (IETF 95) as well. Since then, the informal dinner of IETF contributors from India has been done every IETF. The informal dinner is a great way for us Indian contributors to get togther and discuss about our respective areas and drafts. It has also led to the formation of the IIESoc as some of us are from different citis in Indian and this was a great way to communicate with each other and share experiences. Here are some pictures from the Informal dinner that we had in Berlin.

Here is another pic from the informal dinner we had in Buenos Aires, Argentina at IETF 97.

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