• By Vinayak Hegde

IIESoc presentations at SANOG 30, Gurgaon, Delhi in July 2017

SANOG XXX (30th Edition) was held in Gurgaon, Delhi from 10-18 July 2017. The conference was held from 10-11th July 2017, Tutorials from 12-13th July 2017 and Workshops from 14-18th July 2017. Vinayak Hegde from IIEsoc participated in the Conference. He made a few presentations related to IIESoc and IETF. He also chaired one of the Sessions on Network security on the first day.

1. 30 minutes conference talk on Introduction to the IETF processes and standardization process. The IETF is unlike any other "conference" or any other standards bodies. It has it own structure and quirks. In this tutorial I talked about how the IETF is structured, how it works, how to publish an I-D to solve issues (with a working demo of tools) or document them and a little bit about how to use the different tools to comment, publish and submit an I-D. I also covered the life-cycle of the Working Groups in the IETF and the journey of the I-D to a published RFC. Slides below.

2. He followed up on the 2nd day of the SANOG Conference with a couple of talks on IIESoc and EDCO. IIESoc is a non-profit that was established to give a common forum for IETF contributors from India to collaborate, mentor and exchange ideas. He also talked about the past event and planned activities including the Pre-IETF forum called Connections. This talk was followed by a presentation on EDCO and it's relevance to IETF and India. Slides below.

3. The conference has several tutorials lined up and Vinayak Presented a day-long tutorial on HTTP/1.1 and HTTP2. He spoke on the differences between these two versions and how they co-exist on the Internet today and for the foreseeable future. There were several hands-on demos during the talk to explain the concepts explained in the tutorial. The tutorial also covered diverse tools to dissect network traffic and do optimizations such as firebug, wireshark, nghttp and webpagetest. The 2nd half of the tutorial covered HTTP2 concepts such as Push Promise, HPACK header compression, ALPN and HTTP streams. Slides below.

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